Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Theory of Everything

Stephen Hawkings studied astrophysics at Cambridge, where he met fellow student and later wife of James Wilde.
He suffers from motor neurone disease, which has riveted him to the wheelchair.
He wanted to find a causal equation for the universe and time (concept of time or period of time)
In 2014 the movie "Theory of Everything" which refers to the life and work of Hawkings.
A charming, moving story of love, given with humor, social contribution, strength, will, as befits a "spiritual giant".
Director of the film is James Marsh and starring Eddie Redmayne, who with the exciting, virtuosic interpretation of pulled public interest.
The film which nominated for five Academy Awards and won the first Oscar for acting.
Seeing the movie puzzled about how to face life. And he says such a great man like Hawkings:
"As bad as it may seem life, where there is life there is hope " .